Our well-designed and protective foam packaging solutions cart off the damage level and provide you serenity.

The idea of PU Foam used in packaging is to perform as a shock absorber, protects a moving packaged item from impairment as it subjected to impact. As to protect moderately heavy piece of equipment and delicate electronic components, PU foam will be the most suitable material.

Two essential properties of PU foam are keys to package performance, namely firmness and density.

IFD (indentation force deflection) is an excellent indicator to measure for the firmness. Density is a measurement of unit weight per volume namely, ib/ft3 or kg/m3 which indeed influence the hysteresis of a foam, that can absorb the impact energy.

PU foam is prone to build-up static charges due to the nature of chemical structure and high surface area. Antistatic Foam is PU Foam with Antistatic or Electrostatic Discharging (ESD) function. This type of foam is suitable in shielding electronics components in packages from being charged that might affect the condition of electronic parts.