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Wansern Foam Industry Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 12th February 1994 with the present authorized and paid up capital of RM 1 Million and respectively. WANSERN has grown to become a large and progressive company with more than 13 years experience in the manufacturing of polyurethane foam (flexible Slab Stock), spring and foam mattress. To date, Wansern Foam Industry Sdn Bhd as the parent company of four subsidiaries (Wansern Technology Sdn Bhd, Wansern Marketing Sdn Bhd, Wansern Foam (Kunshan) Co. Ltd and Wansern Biotechnology).

Innovative, Market & Solution Orientated

Being one of the leading polyurethane foam and mattress manufacturers in Malaysia, WANSERN is consistently kept abreast the latest markets requirement. Nevertheless, progressive R&D activities had resulted the new products invention and development, in line to our company innovative philosophy.

WANSERN has been accredited DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, since year 2000. Since then our quality assurance effort is the key area never being tolerated.

The manufactured products are being inspected, tested and checked at every process of production prior to delivery from factory. The concept of “Every next process is your customer” and “Everyone is quality controller” self explicitly illustrate our stringency on quality.


We are Putting Green Ideas to Work.

At Wansern, we have pioneered the use of environmentally-preferable solutions in our business practices by:
   • Reducing waste and conserving natural resources in manufacturing facilities.
   • Implementing recycling programs at offices, stores and distribution centres.
   • Pioneering the use of renewable or sustainable raw materials in some formulations.
   • Developing bio based raw materials.
   • Optimising production to reduce consumption.

We consider the environmental impact of our actions and we promote the conservation of natural resources.

We develop new products and processes that are innovative, and reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of their use. In house capability of reprocess the foam solid scrap into rebonded foam naturally convinced our concern over the environmental issue.

We measure progress and hold ourselves accountable for making continuous improvement, reporting our progress and making legitimate claims.

We respect the customs, cultures and social needs in all communities where we conduct business.

We expect every employee to take responsibility for reducing our impact on the environment.


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